American College of Clinical Pharmacy

About the PRN

The Adult Medicine PRN optimizes pharmacotherapy outcomes through promotion of excellence and innovation in clinical practice, education, and research by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and productivity of its members. The main objectives of the PRN are to: provide a means for communication and informal networking among members; provide quality educational programming at national meetings; utilize the Internet to facilitate access to timely educational updates and facilitate information exchange among adult medicine pharmacists; and provide opportunities for collaborative research. Our PRN hosts a diverse group of pharmacists, including community, family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics, and managed care. While the majority of our members practice in adult medicine, each member also brings an individual expertise area to the PRN, with practitioners from areas such as infectious diseases, transitions of care, and cardiology. These diverse areas of expertise are what makes us one of the most well-rounded PRNs and affords a wide variety of educational and scholarship opportunities, through both formal and informal collaborative settings. Collaboration amongst our members further allows mentorship and service opportunities to abound within the PRN for students, residents, and both new and established adult medicine practitioners.